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Bamboo Socks

WOW - Bamboo - where do we start - Miracle yarn? World saver? The most comfortable fibre ever? All of the above apply to Bamboo - in one fibre we can save the planet from the harm of chemicals, water degradation, salinity and so many more issues. This fibre is easier to grow than weeds - hardly any water required, no chemicals in the growing at all including fertilisers, fungicides, herbicides, phosphates. Bamboo doesn't need them to grow prolifically. One planting can last generations without re-planting and some specifies used in fibre production can grow up to 4ft in ONE DAY!! All of that environmental stuff aside when you wear bamboo products you will see why we love them so much - amazing! Foot benefits include: silky and luxurious on the skin, superior comfort and enhanced breathability, naturally antibacterial and thermo regulating and hypo-allergenic, ideal for those with allergies.
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Get that new sock feeling every month

Our lives are getting increasingly complicated and busy – it’s exhausting just thinking about it really. So why not get your socks and jock purchasing done in advance?

No Stress Surprise!

With our new “Sockscription” feature you can pic and choose your favourite socks and jocks to be delivered to you when you want them – monthly / quarterly / 6 monthly or yearly you can order now and we will do the rest.
You don’t even need to pay up front – we will only debit your account when we ship the products at your appointed time – no stress – no fuss.
You could even set up a Sockscription for a friend – how good would that be for him to get a pari of personally selected socks delivered each month as a surprise that lasts the whole year – SWEET!.

Holy Sock!

Got a favourite style you just want to have ALL the time – how good would it be to have new pairs delivered every month or 3 months so you no longer have to endure holy socks until you can get to the store again to replenish. That feeling of pulling on a new pair of socks every month could be yours with a couple quick clicks.

Huge Range

Choose from a huge range of items at great prices - it’s simple, just select the Sockscription function when selecting your item – choose your delivery window and away you go.

Ordering a Socksciption is SO EASY!

  1. 1Choose your sock
  2. 2Choose the delivery time
  3. 3Add to your cart

You can bundle multiple socks to be delivered on the same day, it's up to you!