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28 items

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Perform at your best

Whether you’re an aspiring athlete or a weekend warrior, you want to get the most from your exercise. That’s where our awesome range of sports socks come into play (see what we did there?) With features such as lycra arch support to prevent slippage, gentle compression to boost circulation and protective sole cushioning, our athletic socks are designed to protect your feet while enhancing your performance.


Effortless comfort

From the seamless hand-linked toe right through to the supportive elasticised top, you’ll love how good our sports socks feel. Featuring protective sole cushioning and inbuilt arch support, our running socks cushion your feet for all-day action. Made from a blend of super-soft materials like cotton, nylon, spandex and bamboo, these babies are ergonomically designed with reinforced pressure points so they are built to last.


Nice on the nose

No longer dread the lingering aroma of the locker room with our hypo-allergenic sports socks. Made from breathable, absorbent cotton our range of athletic socks has natural antibacterial properties which help dial down the odour factor. With many of our socks featuring moisture-wicking bamboo and Silpure antimicrobial treatment for enhanced odour resistance, embrace a fresh start for your next workout.


Exercise in style

From ankle and barely-there pairs through to quarter and full crews, our range of sports socks makes you look good while helping you get the most from your workout. Stick to traditional white or embrace options bursting with colour - it’s your choice. Whatever you choose, our athletic socks will not only cushion your feet and boost performance, but they’ll also help you look good while you work out #winning. 


Buy responsibly

For your peace of mind, all our yarns are sourced from REACH and OEKO-TEX 100 Standard certified producers which means when you buy sports socks from us, you’re buying responsibly. Ethical and sustainable, our running socks meet the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental responsibility. So, go ahead and get excited about your new purchase because you have every right to be proud!