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I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy disease which has damaged or killed some of the nerves in my feet. The damaged nerves send false messages to my brain causing pain in the type of shocks and nettle pain. The nettle pain is worse when I rub my feet against bed sheets or walk on different types of surfaces. The condition has made me sleep in a lounge chair with my feet uncovered. To other people who have been diagnosed with this disease there are epileptic drugs that can help with the pain and purchase a bed cradle for your bed. I have been wearing the bamboo work sock from Pussyfoot for 12 months. Because I have become use to their feeling and the thickness of the socks I find it easier to walk on different surfaces and this lessens the nettle pain. They have been great in winter and not too hot in summer. Thanks to the pussyfoot people for finding them for me. Martin Butt, Sydney.


I ordered a pair of bamboozld jocks and socks a few days ago and they arrived in the mail today, thank you Pussyfoot Socks for the prompt service during a busy season. These products are easily the most comfy I’ve ever worn and make getting dressed something to look forward to! If you’re looking for a company that pays attention to quality products, I highly recommend Pussyfoot.

Julian Dyer


Awesome socks and awesome service! I have been wearing their socks for more than 10 years now, every single day. The team at Pussyfoot have always been so helpful when I place my bulk orders with them every couple or years or so….



After many years of my husband suffering with sweaty feet and foot odour I am pleased to have discovered Pussyfoot Bamboo & Merino Wool Work Socks recently. They have made a long work day in and out of a truck much more comfortable. And the family do not duck for cover when he takes his boots off! They are thick, soft, wash well and come up brand new in the dryer time and time again.

Thank you Pussyfoot Socks!

D Babis


I have just returned from overseas and 4 long flights over 13 hours each and I wore the Medicore socks. They were brilliant, no swollen legs or ankles that I have suffered on previous overseas flights that affect you for days afterwards – thank you Pussyfoot Socks. My hubby, son and daughter in law also wore them and experienced the same results. They were a really good investment and I have no hesitation in recommending them to all travellers. We cannot thank you enough Pussyfoot

L. Murfett


Thankyou Pussyfoot, your Medicore running socks are great. They make long runs a breeze with their foot hugging support and keep my feet dry and comfortable. Goodbye blisters!



Pussyfoot bamboo and merino wool work socks are the best, whether you are tramping the vines in Beaujolais or slogging your work days inside your steel cap boots. Won't buy any other brand again. Get on board everyone, great value for money and oh so comfy!

Thanks Pussyfoot!



I have been buying several pairs of your Durasock Work socks every 6 months. Made from Australian Merino Wool and Bamboo they are by far the best work socks I have worn, comfortable, well padded and a great fit for work boots.



Upon receiving my first pair of Cotton / Bamboo Work Socks from Rob, days later I was requesting more. Unquestionably the most comfortable hard use work sock I’ve ever worn; standing on hard concrete floors all day, you can really notice the difference between these socks and other brands.

Following an ankle reconstruction in the Summer of 2012, I was contained to a plastic walking boot for 16 weeks and wore Pussyfoot Cotton / Bamboo work socks day and night. The surgeon was amazed at the recovery rate due to the fact that the socks allowed the wounds to breathe and wick away moisture that comes from wearing a plastic cast in hot summer weather.

Now I don’t even bother with socks from any other manufacturer; Pussyfoot socks are top notch, unbelievably comfortable and outlast any other brands I’ve had.



I love the larger size "queen" socks. As a taller person with a size 10 foot, I love that the ankle doesn't creep under my sneakers when running or at the gym. With normal sports socks I always blister at the back of my ankle.

Thankyou Pussyfoot Socks!



Thank you Pussyfoot Socks! My husband who is not particular about anything to do with clothing received a pair of Pussyfoot work socks for Christmas and can't stop talking about how comfortable they are (and he looks fashionable!). Ordering more online for his birthday.



Love love love Pussyfoot Socks!!!!! Do yourself a favour and buy some, you won't regret it!!!!!



Best socks money can buy by a mile. Been using Medicore running socks now for 6 months and not a single blister.



I can't run without my Medicore compression knee high socks from Pussyfoot. They are so supportive during a run and in the recovery phase. I was amazed how many were running with them in the Melbourne half marathon. In fact I must get some more!



Pussyfoot non-tight bamboo/cotton socks are the best socks ever. The first truly non-tight socks I have worn.

Richard Horton


Thanks Pussyfoot for supplying the best work socks and exceptional customer service. Highly recommended!

S. Dowd


Just purchased knee length ladies cashmere socks and Medicore sports socks. Can honestly say they are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn and the customer service from Karen was fantastic. Will only buy your socks in future and will tell all my friends and family, thank you



I have been wearing your socks for years and years, more years since I can remember, ever since the first time I saw them in David Jones;  the name is what caught my eye in the first instance, but then when I realised that you had the linked toe, no seam, I just had to try a pair and  that was it;  I was hooked.  I have always said that the first time you put on a new pair of Pussyfoots is an almost orgasmic experience.  I always wondered why other socks manufacturers insist on putting the seam right over the top of one’s toes but since discovering Pussyfoots it’s no longer a problem for my sensitive toes.  I love the colours and patterns you use and often think that I should buy 2 pairs of certain patterns at a time, so I can wear one pair and have a spare pair for when the first pair eventually wears out.

Keep on producing the best socks on the planet.

G. Bognar



I highly recommend Pussyfoot Socks. They have proven to be not only comfortable and affordable but also long wearing. With a large range to choose from, we have always found what we need in the Pussyfoot brand. And believe me, we have fussy feet! Pussyfoot socks do not disappoint. I wont buy anything else for my husband.

T. Dirou


After purchasing a few pairs of your Work Socks 5 - 6 months ago to road test them, I am now convinced that the bamboo/wool mix is absolutely the most comfortable combination I have worn. I work 12 hour days, in and out of machinery, up and down from roofs in the Nth Qld heat and at the end of the day when I finally take off my boots, my feet are dry and there is no odour! What more could you ask for?

Dennis J. Lee Sye


The best sock I’ve found locally or overseas – it’s all I’ve worn for the last 5 years. The perfect classic, medium thickness, cotton business sock.



Recently I purchased several pairs of your Durasock Work made from Australian Merino Wool and Bamboo. These socks are the best socks, comfortable and soft and the ideal fit for work boots.



For years I have been buying your Non Tight health range in David Jones and they have surpassed my expectations and help with my circulation issues. Well done Pussyfoot, I won’t be buying anything else.



I have been using a pair of your heavy duty socks at every weekend outing since early January and yes, they are very good. I have previously used the Holeproof Explorer range but your socks are as good or even better. As I spend most of my time on my feet during my driver training courses with my heavy work boots on my poor feet, the Pussyfoot socks have provided good padding and comfort and no sweating, which is a real bonus. Yep, I think they are a winner.

Vic Widman
Great Divide Tours VIC


Recently had surgery on my ankle and spent 6 weeks in a moon boot - the Pussyfoot works socks were awesome to wear under the boot - plenty of padding and my feet did not end up stinking like a week old trout - very impressed - will be buying more.



Have been wearing the Pussyfoot work socks while working in remote areas of Chile - mud / snow / ice / rain and they have performed brilliantly - at one time I wore them for 4 days straight and my feet stayed fresh throughout - great product.



Very happy with the Pussyfoot work socks - I wear steel cap boots all day on hard ground and it's great to have that extra layer of padding and comfort to get me through the days. Also, brilliant for the weekend driving the FJ cruiser around the bush.