Ethical Sourcing

Pussyfoot maintains long term relationships with selected suppliers to ensure their commitment and understanding of our business.


We view our supplier base as an extension of our team and that those who work for our suppliers, work for us. We are therefore committed to ensuring safe workplaces in the factories that we do business with, in addition to the protection of workers' human rights.


Our ethical sourcing program aims to drive improvements to working standards and conditions in factories we obtain product from. We increasingly invest in resources and infrastructure, working with suppliers to educate them on the importance of compliance and improving workers' conditions, including human rights.

We also insist that our factories use the same principles of ethical sourcing when they source their raw materials to ensure we provide the best quality, safest product for our customers both here and abroad.


Our team based in our Melbourne headquarters and a growing team of on-the-ground staff based in Shanghai China allow us to increase and monitor factory inspections and improve training of factory management and staff. In instances where remedial action is required, we work closely with suppliers to ensure corrective action is implemented and improvements are made. Part of our program also includes third party auditors who carry out independent checks of our supply partners.


We are proud to be associated with the factories we source from and have been continually working closely with them over the past 15 years to grow and cultivate them to provide safe and stable employment for their workers and in many cases families. Pussyfoot Socks is committed to these relationships and to dealing professionally and compassionately with any issues that arise.


The yarn used to produce Pussyfoot and Bamboozld Socks and underwear are sourced from REACH and OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified producers to ensure only the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental responsibility are employed.


Pussyfoot Socks takes great pride in using quality local companies for our day to day business operations in all areas including website development and maintenance – customer information security – design and distribution services.