Collection: Mens Health Socks

Explore the Pussyfoot range of men’s health socks, designed to promote healthy function. Whether it’s compression socks to prevent swelling, non-tight cuffs for better circulation or our Medicore collection for a range of conditions, our health socks will keep you feeling as good as you look.


Why Would You Need Health Socks?

Our range of health socks are designed with specific conditions and benefits in mind, so it’s worth understanding which style is right for you:

  • Compression: A compression sock applies a gentle pressure to the foot and lower leg. This can help prevent swelling caused by activities like working on your feet for extended periods, running and long-distance travel. More advanced socks like ours apply graduated pressure to benefit certain areas.
  • Non-tight: To promote healthy blood flow, we designed non-tight cuff socks. These stay up on the calf without needing to add extra pressure.
  • Diabetic socks and more: Some other conditions like diabetes can benefit from our advanced Medicore copper sock. Copper CuTEC fibre helps prevent fungal and bacterial growth, while anatomical design can help ease pressure points and circulation issues.


How Foot Comfort Influences Mental Health

While socks can certainly help with physical health, that’s not the end of their health benefits. At Pussyfoot, we understand the importance of socks for mental health, too.

  • Comfortable fabric: Our socks are made from soft, cosy fibres like bamboo, cotton and Merino wool. By staying comfortable all day, it’s easier to stay positive and focus on the task at hand.

All day style: Pussyfoot socks are in for the long haul, which means you’ll stay feeling good both physically and mentally all day. Our health socks are designed to keep your feet supported across your day, while breathable fibres like bamboo and Merino wool keep you dry, insulated and feeling great.


What Sets Pussyfoot's Health Socks Apart

Other socks might make vague health claims, but we’ve really put our all into offering the most beneficial health socks for men around.

  • Fabric: We use fabrics like CuTec Nylon to inhibit bacteria and fungi, while bamboo and Merino wool fibres are naturally breathable and soft on skin.

Design: It’s important that health socks are designed to benefit a particular condition. It’s why we offer socks with non-tight cuffs to improve circulation, socks to help with diabetes, compression socks to assist with swelling and more.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What are health socks?

Health socks are designed specifically with health benefits in mind. Regular socks might be beneficial, but health socks are targeted. For instance, you’ll find socks with additional compression to help prevent swelling, or materials used to help fight bacteria. 

What are Pussyfoot's Health Socks made of?

Our health socks are each made with a tailored blend of useful fabrics that offer health benefits. You’ll find fabrics like Copper CuTEC fibre for preventing fungi and bacteria, NanoGLIDE fibre to stop friction, and naturally antibacterial, breathable bamboo.

How are these socks different from regular socks?

It’s all in the design. Each sock in our health range is tailored to meet a certain need, whether it’s adding pressure, taking pressure away, or preventing nasty bacteria. 

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