Wholesale Manufacturing

Pussyfoot Socks using its long-established contacts with premier manufacturers in China, has the ability to produce products on a wholesale basis.

Our factories are owned and run by amazing people who hold dear all the values we do. They are regularly audited by outside enterprises to ensure we always adhere to and exceed all social compliance requirements to ensure you as a brand owner are 100% certain your brand's manufacturing is ethical and carried out at the highest quality standards possible. Pussyfoot Socks is 100% dedicated to our brand partners. We take great pride in the fact we have maintained strong and open relationships with all our brand partners over a long period of time and will continue to provide a personable, honest business ethic into the future no matter what the challenges. 

Our pricing structure is very competitive as we have been working in the industry for many years and know what is expected and how to achieve the best result for our brand partners.

Pussyfoot Socks has a wealth of knowledge and experience in manufacturing to the highest standards for independent brands and multinationals alike.  We are experienced in producing socks in all categories including business | fashion | sport | casual | health and work in all age categories. We can guide you through the processes and costs involved in manufacturing your product. Simply contact us on 03 9738 1385 or email us at info@pussyfootsocks.com.au

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